The missing link in the supply chain

Manufacturing cybercrime at an industrial scale

Nearly half of manufacturers have been the victim of cyber crime with the sector now the third most targeted for attack according to a new report EEF and AIG, and carried out by The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) suggests.

The report reveals that 41 percent of companies do not believe they have access to enough information to even assess their true cyber risk. And 45 percent feel that they do not have access to the right tools for the job.

Cyber threat is highlighted as a stumbling block that is holding back companies from investing in digital technologies. A third of those surveyed are nervous of digital improvement because of security concerns. Meanwhile, 12 percent of manufacturers admit they have no technical or managerial processes in place to even start assessing the real risk.

One of the easiest forms of cyber-attack comes through poorly protected office systems. The report looks at a number of real-life examples, including two where production systems were infiltrated and severely disrupted after hackers gained access to their IT systems by initially hacking into unprotected office software.

Automation ensures that flaws are uncovered. It enhances productivity and eliminates tedious tasks too. getPlus is the electronic software delivery tool that allows the automation provider to manage customers’ systems and keep them safe from cyber attack. It organizations assets that require upgrades, maintenance, and takes care of other operational initiatives such as identifying devices that are affected by newly issued vulnerability notices. This information ensures that the most critical vulnerabilities are remediated first.

getPlus provides all the historical information for device recovery, enabling organizations to recover more quickly from cyber attacks and unauthorized device changes, minimizing the impact on operations and security.